Frequently Asked Questions

[ – ][ + ] Where can you fly?

Nationwide, anywhere the law permits us to! At the time of making your enquiry, we will ask for the intended filming location so we can perform a free pre-site survey and confirm suitability. In almost all cases you will only need to confirm the landowner’s permission, and we’ll do the rest.

[ – ][ + ] How do you see what you're filming?

The pilot's ground station offers a full colour screen at up to 720dpi resolution, to ensure we capture the footage you want. A HDMI-out port can power a second full colour screen if required, and we can also play the raw footage back to you on site there and then. The camera also has wi-fi and can be connected to via mobile devices using an App.

[ – ][ + ] What about adding standard video footage?

We are experienced, professional videographers who offer full video production. We can bring both ground and aerial recording equipment, lights, microphones and other accessories to capture all the required footage, bringing it together into one production.

[ – ][ + ] What about the weather?

We are only unable to fly in the rain, or in very strong winds. Coincidentally, outdoor footage looks much better on a clear day so this is not usually a problem! If a booking has to be cancelled due to the weather, you will know by 6pm the previous day and we will simply arrange another date with you.

[ – ][ + ] How long can you fly for?

The UAV can stay in the air for up to an unrivalled 25 minutes per battery, although we often advise restricting individual runs to around 20 minutes. We carry 4 fully-charged batteries, giving approximately 90 minutes of airtime!

[ – ][ + ] How high can you fly?

Our Civil Aviation Authority permission determines how high and how far a UAV can fly. The maximum operating ceiling altitude allowed is 400 feet, and it must operate within 500 meters of the pilot's position (maintaining visual line of sight).

[ – ][ + ] Are you insured?

Yes, we carry full liability commercial insurance. It’s worth noting that only certified and CAA approved UAV operators can obtain commercial insurance.

[ – ][ + ] How much does filming cost?

An initial chat about your requirements and an outline survey is always free of charge, and a licenced operator is around £350 per project/day plus any additional kit/insurance. The intended location, project type, amount of pre-flight work - or seeking special permissions or insurance - may affect the costs. The CAA also prefers a two-person crew (one Observer), so pricing assumes the client will have a presence on-site for this purpose (if not, we can add an Observer). Pricing given will cover surveys and a risk assessment, an experienced and BNUC-S qualified pilot, commercially approved UAV, recording media, commercial insurance and all supporting equipment. It does not include editing and post-production of the footage, which we can carry out in-house to extremely high standards.

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